Gothy Kendoll's makeup transformation is giving us ice goddess feels

Gabrielle Dyer
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK / Alex Hering

From Cosmopolitan

Here at Cosmopolitan we're so obsessed with everything and anything that the Ru Paul queens do, we had to get them all into our office ASAP, so we could watch each of their XXL makeup routines IRL.

Goes without saying, that they did not disappoint. Asking us to pick our favourite makeup look from the Ru Paul line up is like getting us to choose a fave chocolate. It. Is. Hard. However, we'd be lying if we didn't disclose just how mesmerised we were by Gothy Kendoll's killer look - she literally blew our minds. The attention to detail, the precision, those brows. It was almost too much, tbh.

As well as doing drag, Gothy hosts parties, DJ's and has a knack for textiles, having studied fashion at uni. She prides herself in perfecting intricate makeup looks inspired by the likes of Annie Lennox (watch the video, you'll get the vibes).

With one of the coolest Instagram feeds in the game, Gothy is a force to be reckoned with - just wait till you watch her beat that base, it is next level. Play the video above for the entire routine. Trust us, you're gonna want to take some notes.

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