I Got Out the Worst Red-Wine Stain I've Ever Seen With This Unbelievable Spray

Let me paint a picture for you: it's Sunday morning, and I'm getting ready for my daily workout. As I make my bed, the process of me fluffing the comforter knocks over the glass of red wine I had the night before, and it goes everywhere. My sheets are now soaking in Cabernet, and I start to panic. This is not a drop of red wine, this is a solid 1/4 of my white sheets. I am, in a word, devastated, and have resigned myself to going linen shopping, until my mom shows me this Unbelievable Pro Stain and Odor Remover ($14).

Reader, this product is magical. I sprayed it all over the stain, waited 60 seconds for the product to soak in, scrubbed at the stain a bit, and then bathed the sheets in a mixture of water and bleach. When I pulled out the sheets, there was no stain. I'm telling you, nothing. They looked as if nothing happened to them. I'm convinced this is pure sorcery, but I'm not mad about it. Once that was done, I threw them in the wash, and my sheets look good as new. I wish I had a before and after to show you, but in the midst of my tears I did not take a photo, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Red wine drinkers, I have two important takeaways. Don't take your wine to bed with you, and always make sure you have Unbelievable spray on hand.

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