We Got to Try Adidas' Newest SL20 Running Shoe First

Morgan Fargo

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  • Adidas' have released their latest running shoe, the SL20
  • The trainer is designed for intermediate runners looking to step up their training
  • Part of their 'Faster Than' campaign the lightweight shoe has been designed with propulsive and durable movement in mind

Mega brand Adidas have dropped their latest running shoe, the SL20. Designed to help runners to find their fastest pace yet, the lightweight shoe has been crafted with supportive yet propulsive elements to keep wearers swift and stable.

'What we're trying to do with this shoe is cover the huge array of runners who are looking for that feeling of being fast,' Adidas Global Director of Footwear Stephen Schneider told WH at Adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Runners seeking that fast feeling is something backed up by a survey of 6000 runners, conducted on behalf of Adidas running. The research showed that 87% of people admitted they run with a focus on personal betterment in mind, hence the impulse to build a shoe that'll take runners to their personal best and beyond.

However, the brand's latest drop is less for the newbie than it is for the dedicated.

Designed for the runner chasing a personal best or perhaps training for their next marathon, a run-club member or someone who checks their split or pace time, the SL20 has blended elements of elite racing shoe design with an accessible intermediate running trainer.

'The SL20 shoe is the best parts of an elite racing shoe for someone who wants to step it up and achieve their personal best,' explains Sam Handy, Adidas' VP of Running Design.

The details

  • Lightweight and seamless mesh upper
  • Springy mid-sole
  • Grippy outsole

Trying out the Adidas SL20

Short for 'Super Light 20' the new running shoe is, well, exactly that.

In fact, when I took the shoes for a test run – jogging around the track inside the Adidas HQ offices – I was surprised at how light they were; At 230g they're only slightly more weighty than a bar of Dairy Milk. An odd comparison, yes, but trust me, they're light. As an Ultraboost fanatic, these shoes in comparison felt about half the weight but with the same springy quality I've come to love from Adidas kit.

However, light doesn't mean unsupportive – in fact, the shoes felt stable and able to absorb the impact of my increasingly heavy tread as the laps ramped up.

The 'propulsive' mid-sole helped me bound on and the only thing I had to think about was how cold my fingers were because somewhat unsurprisingly Germany in January is, like, rly cold.

Perfect for the mid-level runner or marathoner in training, these trainers are springy and snappy without breaking the bank. I'd chalk that up to a massive win.

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