Got a "Moonwatch"? You Need a "Moon Strap"

Johnny Davis
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Photo credit: Omega
Photo credit: Omega

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So, you have your Speedmaster watch, the Omega chronograph that famously went to the moon on the wrists of Buzz Aldrin, Ed White and other members of Nasa’s finest.

You’ve drooled longingly over the limited-edition anniversary versions of the “Moonwatch” that Omega intermittently puts out – the Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI 40th Anniversary, for example. Or the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonphase Aventurine. Or perhaps a "Silver Snoopy Award" edition.

Mmmm… space.

They are incredible watches for sure.

But let’s just assume you don’t pull in an astronaut’s salary (starting at between $73,815 and $113,159 back in the Sixties, the equivalent of around $2m today, inflation fans – although, to be fair, it was a job with some risks). And even if you do, you're no fan of waiting lists and auction houses.

Then, my imaginary friend, those incredible limited-edition watches are possibly out of your reach.

Photo credit: Omega
Photo credit: Omega
Photo credit: Omega
Photo credit: Omega

If only there was another way of reinforcing your love for all things Omega and spacey, that didn’t cost the moon?

Well, hold on to your helmets because Omega has just launched these very reasonably priced Nasa-endorsed Velcro watch straps, with the Speedmaster in mind.

Your choice of black, silver or white non-woven polyester, they come with the NASA “meatball” logo as well as that of the Speedy – it’s the perfect way to make your Speedmaster stand out, and to show you know your Saturn I from your Minotaur II.

Mission accomplished.

£165 (watch not included);

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