Gordon Ramsay's 'proud dad' comments about his daughter's sobriety are so lovely

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Photo credit: Joe Maher - Getty Images
Photo credit: Joe Maher - Getty Images

Okay, so we think there's a new contender for the 'Dad of the Year' award... First Gordon Ramsay defended his daughter Tilly after her appearance was unfairly commented on following her star turn on Strictly Come Dancing, and now he's publicly championing his other daughter, Holly Anna.

Holly Anna, a podcast host, influencer and mental health advocate, took to Instagram to share with her 281,000 followers that she's celebrating one year of sobriety - explaining that she took a break from alcohol to help her mental health.

In a very honest post, Holly Anna wrote, "Today marks one year without alcohol. This is not something I thought I would ever say at the age of 21. However, by 21 (nearly 22) I never thought I would've been through half of what I have.

"I choose to take a break from alcohol because it wasn't improving my mental health - which for me, comes first."

She added that currently she's not sure if her decision to ditch booze is something she'll continue on with forever, but that right now it definitely feels like the best choice after a year of "high highs and low lows".

"This time last year I was at my lowest and I was scared but I made a decision to take control of what I could - and that meant removing alcohol from my life," Holly Anna continued on to share, adding that sobriety has helped her to "feel better and more present, both mentally and physically".

In response, chef Gordon made it super clear that he's proud of his daughter for taking the steps she needed to take in order to preserve her wellbeing.

Taking to the comments section, he shared his admiration for Holly Anna by writing, "What an incredible young lady and words can’t explain enough how proud you make me feel love you so much Dad ❤️."

Her sister, Tilly, also showed her support by writing, "So proud of you 🙌❤️" and in response to both, Holly Anna kept it simple writing: "Love you".

Huge congratulations to Holly Anna for her one year anniversary – that's no mean feat.

If you're struggling with your alcohol consumption or your mental health, there are lots of places you can find extra support and information – from your GP to mental health charity Mind, or Club Soda, an alcohol-free support group.

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