Gordon Ramsay Was Seriously Impressed By Dorm Room Filet Mignon

Gordon Ramsay smiling at event
Gordon Ramsay smiling at event - John Lamparski/Getty Images

Just because you're eating in a dorm room doesn't mean you can't have delicious dishes. On TikTok, one user demonstrates that it's possible to prepare filet mignon steaks successfully in a small space, with limited equipment. The creative culinary effort drew the attention of Gordon Ramsay, who expressed his surprise and appreciation for the one-pot cooking style of the luxurious dish.

Filet mignon is commonly associated with fine dining, as the stout medallion is one of the most expensive steak cuts available. When cooked properly, this tender meat melts in the mouth, yet mastering the steps to nail the perfect recipe can take practice. Ramsay told Tasting Table back in March that one rookie mistake cooks make is not bringing the steak to room temperature before cooking, and also believes properly seasoning with salt and pepper is a must. But the heat is as important as the cut because if you don't achieve a sear and, eventually, a crust, you'll fail to seal in the flavorful juices that make a good steak so bite-worthy. Evidently, these steps are possible in a college dorm room while watching your favorite show, without needing to step foot into a kitchen.

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Bringing Upgraded Meals To Campus

filet mignon steaks in dish
filet mignon steaks in dish - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

In the TikTok duet, Ramsay is clearly impressed with the ingenuity and cooking technique of the student. "Kid, what happened to the $3 ramen!" he exclaims, remarking that filet mignon makes for a serious upgrade for dorm room life. As the student prepares the steak with oil, butter, garlic, and rosemary, Ramsay observes that the basting is beautifully done. "This kid knows what they're doing!" he gushes. The comments on the post echo the surprise of Ramsay, with several users observing they had never seen Ramsay so thrilled or pleased about someone's cooking attempts.

As the student finishes the steak, Ramsay reiterates his delight and stresses the importance of letting the meat rest before serving. Letting filet mignon sit before slicing allows juices to settle and results in a more tender cut of meat. And in fine form, the student does so. "Bravo!" Ramsay exclaims while watching the student reveal a sliced piece of the tender, juicy steak. If a tired college student can produce perfectly cooked filet mignon in a barely lit room, there's hope for the rest of us, whether that's on the edge of your dorm room bed or a fully equipped kitchen.

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