Gordon Ramsay reveals the one thing that would make him instantly fire a waiter

Gordon Ramsay’s tough TV persona extends to real life, as the three Michelin-starred chef has revealed it wouldn’t take much for him to fire a waiter instantly.

On Tuesday, Ramsay appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden alongside Piper Perabo, where they discussed working as a waiter.

Perabo, who briefly worked as a waitress, a job she described as “very difficult,” recalled how she once spilled an entire chocolate martini on a customer - and then had to pay for the customer’s outfit to be dry-cleaned.

The actress’s anecdote visibly disturbed Ramsay, who placed his head in his hands as Perabo explained that the accident occurred because she was chatting and attempting to do the drink service at the same time.

Following Perabo’s story, Corden asked Ramsay what would happen if a waiter in one of his restaurants did the same thing - to which Ramsay replied: “You don’t watch Kitchen Nightmares?”

Corden then jokingly said: “I imagine you’d be pretty chilled about it.”

Ramsay was horrified by the story (The Late Late Show with James Corden)
Ramsay was horrified by the story (The Late Late Show with James Corden)

But, proving that his reaction would be quite the opposite, Ramsay said he would fire any waiter who spilled a drink on a customer.

“First of all, I’d fire the person that dropped it,” the restaurateur said. “Then I’d turn the lights down and ask the lady to take her dress off [in the bathroom], get a napkin or a nice tablecloth, sit her back down, get it dry-cleaned before she finished her appetiser, and have that dress ready waiting, sparkling.”

In response to the 52-year-old’s strict policy, Perabo said: “I can’t believe you would have fired me.”