Gordon, Gino and Fred 2023: Viva Espana! road trip - destinations, trailer and what time is it on ITV tonight?

Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva Espana is coming to ITV this weekend (Photo: ITV/Studio Ramsay)
Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva Espana is coming to ITV this weekend (Photo: ITV/Studio Ramsay)

Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix are back with another road trip tonight which will see them travel to Spain.

The three friends have been documenting their culinary road trips on ITV since 2018 and will be exploring the best cuisine and culture that Spain has to offer in this two-episode special. Previous locations have seen them travel to France, Italy, Moroco and France.

The road trip might be the last adventure the three chefs embark on, after Gino D’Acampo revealed in a video on Instagram in March that he had quit the series because the friends “can’t get the dates together”.

Here’s everything you need to know about Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva Espana - including when you can watch it tonight on ITV.

When can I watch Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva Espana?

Gordon, Gino and Fred will be returning to ITV One and ITVX on Sunday 3 September. Consisting of two episodes, the second episode will air on Monday 4 September.

What is Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva Espana about?

ITV has given an exciting synopsis for the upcoming series. In a statement ahead of its release, they shared: “The boys [are] back behind the wheel of their beloved RV for an epic odyssey across Andalusia and Galicia.

“Along the way, the lads become waiters at a bustling beachfront restaurant, before Gordon and Gino go head-to-head in a tapas cook-off, and Fred puts on a laugh-out-loud performance as he showcases his skills as a flamenco dancer.

“But it’s their natural chemistry, constant bickering and the small moments that’ll leave you in tears of laughter, especially Gino’s attempt at making paella, which sees the RV nearly go up in flames and leaves Gordon slightly burnt!”

Is there a trailer?

Yes, ITV released a trailer for Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva España! last week on YouTube. You can watch the trailer below.

Where will they be going?

Their latest road trip will see Gordon, Gino and Fred travel to Spain where they will taste jamón, try their hand at flamenco dancing and serve up some delicious Spanish cuisine.

Their journey will begin in Malaga where they will visit the popular tourist city’s busiest restaurant. After that the threesome will head to the ancient town of Ronda, where Gino will prepare a very special evening meal. Episode two will be set in the northern Spanish region of Galicia which is famed for its seafood, the group will forage for shellfish and offer to cook dinner for over 200 workers.

What time is Gordon, Gino and Fred on ITV tonight?

Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva Espana will be airing on ITV One tonight at 8pm.