Goodbye Charcuterie Boards, Hello Butter Boards!

We've seen charcuterie boards, hot chocolate boards, and even ice cream boards. But never (I repeat, never) have we seen butter boards. Come again? That's right, the latest trend to come from the world's fastest-growing social media platform — TikTok — combines our love for both butter and bread (amongst a few other things) and we can't quite believe we've never experienced it before.

Offering an alternative to your classic cheese and meat selection, butter boards are, well — boards smothered with softened butter, and sprinkled with delicious toppings (think salt, herbs, lemon zest or chillies), made with the soul intention for dipping bread. It's the little things, am I right?

With the hashtag #butterboard gathering a huge 6.3 million views and counting on TikTok, there's hundreds of videos from community members giving the new culinary trend a go, with some people even throwing edible flowers into the mix! Seriously, this new trend might be as pretty as those flower focaccias that went viral a while back.

The idea is that if you're hosting a group of people, you can just whip up a butter board and serve it as though a dip, alongside a plate of crusty bread. It's very clever, if you ask us. Not to mention, they're insanely customisable. You can include whatever toppings you fancy, from fig jam, thyme, sea salt, and hot honey, to roasted garlic cloves, basil, and chopped cherry tomatoes. We don't know about you, but we know what we're knocking up this Chrimbo!