Good sleep can 'increase women's work ambitions'


We are all familiar with the benefits of a good night's sleep.

But according to new research, getting enough shut-eye may be particularly important for women and their work.

Following a two-week-long study of 135 workers, researchers from Washington State University reported that sleep quality impacted women's mood and changed how they felt about advancing in their careers.

"When women are getting a good night's sleep and their mood is boosted, they are more likely to be oriented in their daily intentions toward achieving status and responsibility at work," said lead author Leah Sheppard. "If their sleep is poor and reduces their positive mood, then we saw that they were less oriented toward those goals."

However, men's aspirations were not impacted by sleep quality.

It's unclear as to why sleep has different effects on men and women and their aspirations, but the study authors speculated that it may have to do with gender differences in emotion regulation as well as societal expectations.

In light of the findings, Sheppard suggested some women may want to prioritise getting enough snooze time as well as incorporating peaceful activities such as meditation into their lives.

"It's important to be able to connect aspirations to something happening outside the work environment that is controllable," she added. "There are lots of things that anyone can do to have a better night's sleep and regulate mood in general."

Full study results have been published in the journal Sex Roles.