The Good Nurse - what happened to the real Amy Loughren and Charles Cullen?

Since landing on Netflix, The Good Nurse has had fans captivated. In a harrowing account of prolific serial killer Charles Cullen's crimes; Eddie Redmayne takes on the sinister role, while Jessica Chastain portrays real-life nurse Amy Loughren, who famously helped to put him behind bars.

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But what actually happened to Amy Loughren and Charles Cullen after the events of the film? Keep reading for all the details...

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What happened to the real Amy Loughren?

As mentioned in the film's final scenes, Amy received the heart surgery she needed and currently lives in Florida with her children and grandchildren.


Jessica Chastain portrays Amy Loughren in The Good Nurse

After Cullen's arrest in 2003, Amy decided to take a break from nursing. Recapping the experience on her blog, she wrote: "After I helped the Detectives from the New Jersey Prosecution put him behind bars, I set out on a magical path to answer my scariest question: How the hell could I love someone so dark?"

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After taking the time to work with spiritual gurus, energy healers, visionaries and more, she adds: "I now have created a life filled with abundance, exotic travels, and beautiful relationships."


Amy is now a practising reiki master, hypnotherapist, meditation instructor and crystal language reader

Today, Amy is a practising reiki master, hypnotherapist, meditation instructor and crystal language reader. She also worked as a consultant behind the scenes on The Good Nurse.

Regularly posting on Instagram, Amy appears to have travelled a lot over the past few years, visiting Barcelona, the French Alps, Italy, Fiji and Scotland.

What happened to the real Charles Cullen?

The end credits state that Charles pled guilty to the murder of 29 people, though the real number is believed to be as many as 400.


Eddie Redmayne portrays Charles Cullen

He is currently serving 18 consecutive sentences and will not be eligible for parole until 2403. They also explain that he has never told anyone why he committed the crimes. Now aged 62, Charles remains at the New Jersey State Prison in Trenton, New Jersey.

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