#GoodNews: Feeling low today? Get your dose of inspiration from this cute little tot

‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.’

(via r.i1116/Instagram)

This little kid from Japan is only 3-years-old, and an avid skateboarder. But as it is with learning a new skill, the toddler learns, early, that one must fall several times, before getting the hang of it.

Rita Ishizuka, the toddler from Hokkaido, Japan shows off his awe-inspiring skills through his Instagram account that has over 193k followers currently.

Like any other toddler, he loves to hang around with his elder brothers, who are avid skateboarders themselves, munch on snacks, dance, and enjoy life. But skateboarding, as you can tell, is his biggest ‘passion’.

Watch this little tot fall — several times. But he always gets up and runs back to the starting line. Finally, he gets it right.

The sense of achievement on his face is epic!

And don’t worry, he belongs to a family of professionals — so he is in safe hands.

Inspired much?

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