Good News for Biden: Kanye's Conceded the 2020 Presidential Election

Tom Banham
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Photo credit: Ron Sachs - Getty Images
Photo credit: Ron Sachs - Getty Images

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He's conceded! There'll be no disputing the count! The Supreme Court can rest easy! Democracy works!

Yes, this is the news that presidential candidate Kanye West has conceded the 2020 election, having polled only around 60,000 votes in total, according the Associated Press. Having entered the race rather late, the rapper-turned-presidential hopeful only appeared on 12 out of the 50 state ballots, which was always going to make him a long shot for the Oval Office.

Still, our political Don Quixote is unbowed. Rather than licking his wounds, or declaring victory in a deranged and norms-upsetting late-night speech, Kanye instead tweeted "WELP KANYE 2020", only to swiftly delete and replace the Tweet with the rather more statesmanlike: "KANYE 2024". In the words of Lyndon B Johnson: "Welp, indeed."

Earlier in the day, our independent candidate took to Instagram to post a picture at a polling station, where the 43-year-old also revealed, perhaps uniquely in American politics, that he had voted for the first time in his life, by voting for himself.

Watch out, Swamp. Kanye's coming.

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