Good Morning Britain Weatherman Alex Beresford is Lean and Ripped at 40-Years-Old

Daniel Davies
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From Men's Health

If your introduction to Good Morning Britain's Alex Beresford was when he finally told Piers Morgan what the world thought of his repeated attacks on Meghan Markle, then congratulations, well done for catching up, so glad you could join us.

Beresford's been on our radar for a while, you see, because underneath the suits he wears as a mild-mannered weather presenter lies an impressive physique.

Don't believe us? Check out the 40-year-old's fitness IG account thegymforecast, where you can see Beresford working out, lifting metal and performing the odd shirtless mirror selfie.

"Strong in body, strong in mind," wrote Beresford about his fitness habit. "You can flip that the other way round too, but for me personally; I feel much better in my mind when I feel better in my body - see how the two merge? Ultimately I need both."

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But Beresford's IG channel isn't all thirst traps, the page is full of training advice, workouts, as well as regular posts about how strength training has kept Beresford focused and grounded during the past year. He even used a period of 10-day isolation as an opportunity to get fitter and stronger.

"Feeling fit and healthy has definitely fed my #mentalhealth this last year," wrote Beresford. "Having a focus and not a distraction has kept my head up believe me! Also training with my friends and talking whilst we lift has been a great help to me. Find a focus that feeds other parts of your life positively."

We couldn't have put it any better ourselves.

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