The Good Karma Hospital boss talks future of the show

The Good Karma Hospital is adored among its fans, so audiences were thrilled when Amanda Redman, Neil Morrissey and Amrita Acharia returned for new episodes last month.

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However, despite the fourth series not being on screens for long, many are wondering if the drama would be returning for more episodes in the future.

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Dan Sefton, the writer behind the ITV drama, spoke to press ahead of the series four launch and opened up about what the future looks like for the show. Although he said he had "no clue" whether more episodes were ahead, he admitted it was possible as long as viewers wanted it.

He added: "These shows always get to an interesting place. We know what the show is and, from a creative point of view, once you know that, you keep going for as long as people are enjoying watching it, and the people who pay the money are happy to put their hands in their pockets."

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He continued: "And it's got a loyal fan base who are hugely appreciative of it, and as long as people want to watch it, I think it will be made." Sounds like good news to us!

Meanwhile, a fresh batch of faces have joined the cast for series four, one being Downton Abbey star Raquel Cassidy. Raquel plays the part of Frankie Martin, a mother whose life is thrown into chaos upon realising her son, Bobby, who is on a visit to India to photograph the wildlife, had managed to disappear from the hospital after he had suffered an illness.

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Ahead of last week's episode, Raquel chatted to HELLO! about how her character comes to terms with what has happened with Bobby. "Frankie's way of dealing with her beautiful son is literally to go 'It's me and you against the world' and to wrap her umbilical as tightly as she can around him, she's never cut it and she basically wants to cocoon him from the world," she explains.

"And I think, much as I understand those choices, because you never want people you love to be hurt, you can tell that that's not going to be sustained. The step to come to India is Bobby crying out to be allowed to live his own life."

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