Goldie Hawn Reveals Her Labrador Retriever Starred in Budweiser's 2024 Super Bowl Commercial

Goldie Hawn posted an Instagram video of Kurt Russell and her family cheering when Roy the dog appeared on TV during the 2024 Super Bowl

<p>Jesse Grant/Getty; Budweiser</p> Roy the Labrador retriever acting in Budweiser

Jesse Grant/Getty; Budweiser

Roy the Labrador retriever acting in Budweiser's 2024 Super Bowl commercial (left) and Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Roy's owners (right)
  • On Feb. 11, Goldie Hawn shared on Instagram that her dog, Roy Hawn Russell, a Labrador retriever, starred in a 2024 Super Bowl Ad

  • Roy appeared in the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial called "Old-School Delivery"

  • The dog's famous family members, like Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell, helped the pup celebrate his big break

There is a new celebrity in Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's famous family.

On Feb. 11, after the 2024 Super Bowl, Hawn, 78, posted on Instagram that the dog she shares with Russell, 72, appeared in a Super Bowl commercial.

"Don't get me wrong I love watching football but tonight was all about watching our dog Roy Hawn Russell star in his first super bowl commercial for @budweiserusa!!!" the actress captioned her social media post, which included a video of her and Russell watching the dog's ad with their family.

Roy Hawn Russell, the Labrador retriever, appeared in Budweiser's "Old-School Delivery" commercial. In the spot, the celebrity canine leads a team of Clydesdale horses to a snowed-in bar with no power so the animals can make a Budweiser beer delivery.

“Budweiser’s beloved Clydesdale and dog duo are an iconic part of our Super Bowl history. Roy, who helped bring the role of the trusty Labrador to life, is a true professional! He perfectly played the part and helped us deliver a message of resilience, companionship, and determination. He deserves all the treats," Kristina Punwani, the head of marketing at Budweiser USA, said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

In Hawn's Instagram clip, Hawn watches Roy's commercial with Russell and several others.

The room stares at the TV in anticipation of the Lab's appearance. When Russell spots the dog on the screen, he shouts, "There's Roy!" before cheering for the pup.

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"Yeah, Roy!" he adds while the rest of the room bursts into excited shouts and applause.

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Hawn's daughter, Kate Hudson, who was with her mom for the 2024 Super Bowl, also shared a video of her reaction to Roy's commercial. In Hudson's Instagram post, the actress, 44, watches the dog's ad with others; when she hears squeals from another room, she walks over and finds Hawn, Russell, and several more people cheering. The clip closes with Roy receiving congratulatory pets from his loved ones.

"There's a lot of thespians in this families but tonight there was only one star," Hudson captioned the video, including the hashtag #hollywoodroylaty as well.

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