Goldie Hawn, 75, Spills Her DIY Skincare Secrets

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Photo credit: Christine Giordano x Getty - Getty Images
Photo credit: Christine Giordano x Getty - Getty Images

If the saying is true and women really do turn into their mothers, then Kate Hudson has a lot to look forward to. Her mum, Goldie Hawn, looks incredible. When asked to spill her beauty secrets, Goldie emphasises that beauty comes from the inside out, which is why eating well and moving every day are key.

Though Goldie is all about following a healthy diet and exercising, it’s no surprise that she doesn’t take her looks seriously. 'I also glance a lot at my face, but I don’t study it,' she told the Wall Street Journal.

Find out how she keeps her gorgeous glow ahead.

1. She loves olive oil

Just like her diet, Goldie likes to keep it simple and natural when it comes to her skincare. So, what is her beauty routine? 'There are great creams out there. Creams with this and creams with that, but I ingest oil,' Goldie told Popsugar. 'The skin is our biggest organ, and as you get older, you get drier. So, I ingest two tablespoons of olive oil before bed and massage my face.'

Even her signature blonde hair color is pretty natural. 'I know it sounds strange, but I’ve never colored my hair' she has said. 'I just put a regular rinse on it because I don’t have any chemicals on it.'

2. She relaxes with a sheet mask

Sometimes stars really are just like us—Goldie chills out with a face mask, too. She captioned this one 'A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.' Truer words have never been spoken. She tagged Skyn Iceland, so the same face mask can be yours. Goldie’s glow is not included though.

3. She keeps her diet simple

When it comes to what she eats, Goldie doesn’t overthink it.

Listening to her body has served Goldie well. 'I eat what I feel like,' she has said. '[For breakfast.] sometimes I fast, and sometimes I’ll have cereal or oatmeal. Sometimes I’ll have a protein drink. I drink coffee in the morning and tea in the evening, and I’ll have another coffee in the afternoon.'

4. She’s all about the green juice

Hawn credits her signature beverage for her good health. Kate Hudson says sipping green juice is the best beauty tip her mom ever gave her. 'I think it’s more the stuff we eat,' Hudson told Allure. 'Like green juice—mom’s been drinking green juice forever. And taking teaspoons of olive oil. We love products and we have fun with products, but in terms of the real stuff that I’ve learned from mom, it’s her lifestyle. She was always healthy and active and drinking something green.'

Goldie is so dedicated to her signature sip that she told Buzzfeed her biggest pet peeve is, 'Not enough green juice.'

5. She always gets in exercise

It’s not about putting in time on the treadmill or hitting up the hottest workout. Goldie prefers to weave exercise into her day more naturally. 'I try to stay positive and be very, very active,' she has said. 'I walk every day and I run and do all kinds of that.' When she can’t make time for a full workout, she does short intervals instead. 'If I don’t have an hour, I’ll do 15-minute intervals. Actually, it’s a very good thing to do. If you’re taxing yourself too much in an hour, you’re taxing a lot of things.'

Simply moving your body is key. 'The exercise routine is variable,' she has said. 'I’m not an exercise freak. I don’t wear my heart out all day and sweat and all that. I do try to sweat every day in my infrared sauna, and I walk. I hike at a fast pace. I don’t run. I’ll walk-run on my treadmill.

'I’ll walk fast, then I’ll run for like three minutes and bring it down then bring it up high. I do my yoga. I do weights just about every day. I move. I don’t sit long. I think that’s another thing: A lot of guys will sit and watch sports. God love them, I get it—but all day?! Get up, walk around, do some jumping jacks. Get your body moving, because your body wants to move.'

6. She says daily affirmations

Long before self-care became the buzzword it is now, Goldie knew that how you take care of what is inside benefits your outside. In fact, the first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is say some affirmations.

'I breathe big, deep breaths, hold it—especially if I’m feeling sleepy—and, after about four breaths, my eyes just pop right open,' she told the Wall Street Journal. 'Oxygen is a big deal.' And that’s something she practices all day long. 'One affirmation isn’t enough. You have to keep, throughout the day, reminding yourself of affirming messaging, whether it’s a message to yourself or a message to what it is you want to affect positively.'

7. She practices mindfulness

Goldie created MindUP, her nonprofit dedicated to helping children learn how to practice mindfulness and care for their mental health, in 2003. 'When I started working, I was a dancer,' she said. 'I think dancing is an interesting introduction to mindfulness because it really puts your mind [in connection with] your body. I feel very lucky and grateful that my mother put me in dancing school at 3 and it became my life.

'It’s still, in a way, my life. I still feel more like a dancer in many ways than anything else. That doesn’t mean I’m going to class every day, but I do stay attentive to my body and my mind. I was ahead of my time, but what’s interesting is that [discovering mindfulness] happens when it’s time… I [began] MindUP and used all the things I had learned about neurobiology, meditation, connectivity, positive psychology and being mindful of our senses.'

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