Is there going to be a Behind Her Eyes season 2 on Netflix?

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

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Whether you loved it or loathed it, Netflix psychological thriller Behind Her Eyes has got the internet talking. The six-part series is based on the best-selling novel by Sarah Pinborough and tells the story of Louise, a single mother who works in a psychiatrist's office. One evening, Louise bumps into a man in a bar and the pair instantly hit it off, but when she turns up to work she realises that man is her new boss, David. To complicate things further, Louise ends up forming a friendship with David's wife, Adele, without him knowing.

After debuting on Netflix, the series was predictably met with lots of buzz about the truly wild twist. But the big question is, will there be a second season following that ending? Here's what we know so far.

Will there be a Behind Her Eyes season 2?

While we know there isn't a follow-up Behind Her Eyes book, Pinborough hasn't completely ruled out the possibility of a season two.

Photo credit: Nick Wall/NETFLIX © 2020
Photo credit: Nick Wall/NETFLIX © 2020

"Not as far as I know," she said when asked about another series. "I would be interested to see where they would take it as it's a pretty closed ending. But if it does well, you never know," she added to

Whether Netflix have a Behind Her Eyes season 2 planned, we'll just have to wait and see - but who isn't desperate to know the fate of the characters after those final, gripping scenes. That surely can't be it?

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