Is there going to be another season of The One on Netflix?

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

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When Netflix described The One as having Behind Her Eyes, Black Mirror AND The Stranger vibes, we were already hooked and we hadn't even watched it yet. Fast forward to us binge-watching all eight episodes, and we were immediately left wondering if there was going to be a season two of The One, which would hopefully clear up all those cliffhanger questions. How will the Sophia/Kate/Sebastian situation play out? How will Megan's decision to send off a strand of Hannah's hair to The One impact her relationship with her husband? And what was CEO Rebecca about to tell the audience in the closing scene? Here's everything we know about The One season 2:

Has The One season 2 been confirmed by Netflix?

In a word, no. It could take months for Netflix to officially announce that the series has been renewed, but because of how the first season was left we think it makes total sense that the streaming giant would commission another season. We need answers!

Photo credit: Joss Barratt
Photo credit: Joss Barratt

Who will star in The One season 2?

It wouldn't be The One without calculating CEO Rebecca Webb (played by Hannah Ware) so we imagine she will be back to create more chaos for her company and the millions of people they've matched. At the end of the season, silent business partner James Whiting (played by Dimitri Leonidas) and Hannah appeared to be gearing up to work together again - despite Hannah previously trying to take him down - so we can assume he will also play a central role.

The same goes for police officer Kate Saunders (Zoe Tapper) and her love interests Sophia Rodriguez (Jana Pérez) and Sebastian Rodriguez (Eduardo Lloveras). We can also expect Hannah Bailey (Lois Chimimba) and husband Mark Bailey (Eric Kofi-Abrefa) to return along with Mark's DNA match Megan (Pallavi Sharda).

Photo credit: Steven Peskett
Photo credit: Steven Peskett

What could happen in The One season 2?

Hannah meets her DNA match

In another twist, Megan ended up sending off a strand of Hannah's hair to The One. Will we find out who her match is? And how will it impact her relationship with Mark which is already on wobbly ground?

James ends up taking Rebecca down and revealing the company's big secrets

Let's face it, while Kate uncovered what happened to Rob she didn't have much luck actually proving it. Enter: James.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Sophia finds out about Sebastian

How will Kate navigate her relationship with Sophia now she's kissed Sebastian? And will she find out that it is possible to have two DNA matches?

When will The One season 2 be on Netflix?

It's still way too early for release date info, especially as the series hasn't been confirmed by Netflix yet - but check back here soon for updates.

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