Gogglebox viewers FURIOUS over controversial topic

 Gogglebox stars Ellie and Izzi Warner on the sofa.
Gogglebox stars Ellie and Izzi Warner on the sofa.

Gogglebox fans were left annoyed at last night's episode claiming "this is just a political show now".

The episode ended with the Gogglebox cast members voicing their opinions on Channel 4 documentary Chris Packham: Is it Time to Break the Law? 

Fans were less than impressed by the political content of the show, with one writing, '#gogglebox Whatever you do, Chris Packham, it wouldn’t make any difference, all it’s doing is make people dislike you even more by disrupting our lives.'

While another fan said, '#Gogglebox ffs this is just a political show now. Arrest them and that Chris packham p***k.'

To which another viewer replied, 'What scares you so much about free speech?'

And the original writer replied, 'Don’t have a problem with free speech. I have a problem with it being one sided. I & many others don’t believe in climate change but we can’t say that on the media can we?

'If they’re that concerned why haven’t they gone to China, seem to be cracking on with coal power there.'

But not everyone had bad things to say about the documentary, with other viewers praising its 'important' message.

'#gogglebox chris packham is such a wonderful human. Such an important programme that was on,' wrote another.

While another said, 'Excellent documentary by @ChrisGPackham that has been well-received by many - not least the #Gogglebox audience. Chris Packham: Is It Time to Break the Law?'

while another said, 'Everyone on gogglebox totally missed the point @ChrisGPackham is making in his show, ‘but what are these protestor’s achieving?’ they say, well exactly, peaceful or disruptive protest isn’t working, hence the question Chris is posing.

It's not the first time viewers have complained about the show being too political, with viewers complaining last year about the show pushing agendas.

'Since when did #Gogglebox become a woke mouthpiece for the govt? Drag Queens, climate change etc. It's like watching a party political broadcast,' wrote one angry fan on Twitter.

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