‘Godzilla Minus One’ Sets Black-and-White Release in Theaters

The awesome destruction of the iconic kaiju unleashed in post-war Japan will be on display when a black-and-white version of Godzilla Minus One hits theaters later this month.

The 37th installment in Toho International’s long-running monster franchise is, after all, a period piece showing Godzilla wreaking havoc as Japan struggles to recover after World War II. So a newly remastered black-and-white version is fitting for a special one-week run in cinemas billed by Toho as a “thank you” to fans after the color version of Godzilla Minus One surpassed $50 million at the domestic box office.

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The Godzilla Minus One/Minus Color version bowed in Japan on Jan. 12 and will reach U.S. theaters on Jan. 26 for the limited run. The film’s story starts in the final days of World War II, when kamikaze pilot Koichi (Ryunokuke Kamiki) makes the decision not to die for his country but rather to feign engine trouble and land on an island military base.

Unfortunately, he chose the wrong moment as he arrives just as Godzilla shows up and lays waste wherever he goes. The film’s director and writer Takashi Yamazaki, who is also credited for the special effects, said he was “very happy” over the North American reception for Godzilla Minus One to date.

But the black-and-white version promises a more realistic and documentary-like view of Godzilla as the legendary monster rampages through Tokyo. “Godzilla Minus One/Minus Color will bring a new and visceral experience to audiences and I hope they will tremble with a new kind of terror!” Yamazaki added.

Godzilla Minus One is now the highest-grossing Japanese live-action or animated film ever released in the U.S. market. The film is also on the Academy shortlist for best visual effects.

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