GMB's Susanna Reid screams as Ed Balls' grim act live on air leaves her in shock

Good Morning Britain viewers were in for a surprise this morning as Susanna Reid was left stunned during the live broadcast.

While discussing the latest election news and Jack Fowler's alarming allergic reaction story with co-host Ed Balls, a persistent fly that had been buzzing around the studio all morning caught Susanna's attention. In an unexpected moment, Ed swiftly dealt with the pesky insect by slamming his hand down on the desk, much to the amazement of fans.

Viewers immediately took to X, formerly known as Twitter to express their admiration for Ed's quick reflexes.

One fan tweeted: "Got to say, I think GMB have nailed the co-anchor issue in @edballs. Took a while to grow on me, but a perfect replacement for Piers (who I liked also). Well done @GMB," while another asked for a "VAR to see if he really ed got that fly in seconds #GMB."

Ed Balls and Susanna Reid
Susanna Reid was left horrified as Ed Balls killed a fly live on air -Credit:ITV

Someone else joked about the potential outcry, saying: "Bets on how quick some1 screeches for @edballs to be cancelled for swatting that fly!"

Others simply enjoyed the dynamic between the two presenters, with one viewer commenting: "I do love Susanna and Ed #GMB," and another referencing Ed's humorous remark during the incident: "When Ed said 'can I just say, it's a fly not a cow' cover your back #gmb #goodmorningbritain."

The 'joke' carried on throughout the show, as Susanna told Lorraine Kelly that she hoped there wasn't a fly in her studio.

Susanna Reid, who has been a staple on Good Morning Britain for years, spoke fondly of her role on the show, declaring: "I'm a stick of rock with Good Morning Britain running through me."

Ed Balls and Susanna Reid
The 'pesky' fly had been buzzing around the studio all morning -Credit:ITV

"I'll be at GMB until they decide they don't want me anymore. I love it. Honestly, there is no better job in broadcasting. Every day, you turn up at the same time and finish at the same time. But what happens between 6am and 9am is always different. It's so dynamic. You feel like you've had a workout every morning. You can do anything once you've presented Good Morning Britain."

Since Piers Morgan quit the show, Susanna usually presents alongside Ed Balls and Richard Madeley. Speaking about her co-hosts, she added: "Honestly, I love them both. I love going to work every day because it's never the same. And Richard and Ed bring such brilliant qualities to the program. Ed knows everything about how the political system works, so he can explain the mechanisms, the intricacies of a world we just can see from the outside. And then, Richard has boundless enthusiasm."

"He's just so interested in everything, just has such energy. And is a unique broadcaster, I think we would acknowledge. Viewers just love him. He's a legend. I love how it's working at the moment. Nobody gets bored with each other."