GMB's Richard Madeley quips 'I'm done' minutes into show as he asks 'shall I leave'

Richard Madeley had viewers laughing on GMB when he playfully hinted at quitting the show - just moments after it started.

On Friday May 27, Charlotte Hawkins and Richard were back on our screens, ready to dive into the day's hot topics. And as the duo discussed a quirky piece of news about an ice cream vendor facing complaints about their tunes, Richard couldn't resist the opportunity to sprinkle the segment with a flurry of ice-cream-related jokes and puns.

He cheekily suggested: "Shall we just get through all the ice cream jokes now? Shall we get rid of them. Otherwise, it might look a bit flaky. Or we might be having a meltdown."

Charlotte couldn't help but giggle as he added: "Thank you." Curious, she asked: "How long did it take you to think of these?" Richard confessed: "Around two minutes! "

He continued: "And finally, let's be serious, it affects so many people. A lot of people, like hundred and thousands! " With a mischievous grin, he declared: "That's it! I'm done."

Applause could be heard from his colleagues as Charlotte remarked: "Well that's put a smile on our face."

But Richard wasn't done yet. As they went to weather presenter Laura Tobin for the forecast, Richard slipped in another comment: "Give us the full forecast in a minute. We don't want to steal your thunder."

Charlotte then asked: "Do you think he will be like this all morning? " to which Richard replied: "Shall I just leave? " causing an awkward silence in the studio. GMB's Sean Fletcher then pitched in: "You've peaked! There's no way you can get any better than this! " Charlotte declared: "I just love the fact that Sean is heckling from the sidelines."

Richard quickly moved on from the awkward silence that followed, saying to his co-star: "Come on, let's do the news. Let's do these stories."