GMB debates merits of Emma Thompson wearing a fat suit for Matilda

A debate has begun about whether it's morally correct for actors to wear fat suits after Emma Thompson wore one to play Trunchbull in the upcoming Matilda musical.

Video transcript

FREDDY QUINNE: I mean, for me personally, it's what actors do. They put on a costume to play a particular role. I mean, if she's upset about this, she's going to be absolutely furious when she finds out the girl that plays Matilda doesn't have magical powers.


- Queen Mojo?

- What do you say to the argument, though, that basically you're taking-- if you put a fat suit on, you're depriving an overweight actor of work.

FREDDY QUINNE: Who? Who's the overweight actor that would have -

QUEEN MOJO: I believe that, yeah. I don't think it's--


QUEEN MOJO: Oh, go on. Go on. Talk up.

FREDDY QUINNE: Who's the overweight actor that we're depriving of work? I mean, the reason that they cast Emma Thompson is because she's a very experienced character actress that specializes in children's films, which you'd think would be perfect for playing a role like Miss Trunchbull. Surely that is more important than someone just being fat.

- Go on, Mojo.

QUEEN MOJO: You're right. You have some points that she's a good actress. I can't take that away from her. However, when you're plus-size, there's a beauty to that. And when you walk into a room, and when you carry that weight, there's an energy that sometimes actors can bring to that. And I think that that needs to be highlighted. Because if there was someone that was perhaps less able-bodied or had a different gender to us, we represent those on screen.

Why are fat people's bodies not as important to do that? I was absolutely heartbroken watching "Glee," finding out that the person that was playing a role of someone in a wheelchair wasn't actually disabled. Now, I'm able-bodied. So I didn't relate to it. But I just thought, well, that's really disrespectful. Why can't we have true representation through all the different subcategories of people that are discriminated?

- [? You make-- ?]