Will Gluck blames himself for poorly received “Anyone But You” teaser

"We tried to get too cute with it," Gluck says of the confusing edgy teaser for the film.

Will Gluck would like you to know that Anyone But You is a fizzy rom-com and not a psychosexual thriller. Despite what the initial teaser trailer might have led you to believe.

"I blame myself," the co-writer and director says. "The teaser wasn't well received and I put that completely on my own shoulders. We tried to get too cute with it. It is a big fun comedy, and if you saw that teaser without anything else, you'd think, 'Is someone going to get killed? Is this a thriller?' That was a mistake on my part. I just wanted people to lean in and say, 'What is this?'"

<p>Brook Rushton/Sony</p> Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney star in 'Anyone But You'

Brook Rushton/Sony

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney star in 'Anyone But You'

Anyone But You follows Bea (Sydney Sweeney) and Ben (Glen Powell), who previously had one spectacular first date before their relationship soured, as they're forced to spend time together at a destination Australian wedding. However, with their respective exes also in attendance at the ceremony, Bea and Ben strike up a deal to pretend to be a couple again.

But the initial teaser for the film, which dropped back in October confused audiences with its edgy WizTheMc’s “Death of Me” song underscoring the action and its seductive shots of its leads that read more erotic thriller than rom-com.

The new full-length trailer, which dropped Thursday, is much more clearly aligned with the romantic comedy genre. It sets up Bea and Ben's past, while also revealing that they're reason for fake dating has to do with their mutual exes. It's underscored by a peppy Olivia Rodrigo song and bursting with classic genre mishaps — from Bea falling overboard to a terrifying spider in Ben's pants.

"People leaned in [to the teaser] and said, 'I'm not going to like this,' which is not what the movie is," adds Gluck. "The movie an edgy R-rated comedy with romance and farcical elements. It's big music numbers and wish fulfillment. You get to see sunny Australia in the middle of winter in the West. That's what you're going to see in the trailer. So wipe that [teaser] out of your memory."

Anyone But You hits theaters Dec. 22. Watch the trailer above to help erase the teaser from your brain.

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