Glowing Keke Palmer just revealed the unexpected way she cleared up constant acne

Keke Palmer has long been open about her struggles with acne, and though it's never stopped the star from being drop dead gorgeous, we understand how hard it can be to overcome insecurities around the condition. Especially working in the entertainment industry, which is so focussed on appearance and relentless makeup looks.

Just last summer, the actress discussed the fact that plastic surgeons hadn't yet figured out the cure for acne, when they could do so much else. And had us in stitches when she asked; "All these years and all these inventions, you can't figure out how to take the beautiful skin from my ass and put it on my face?"

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The thought of 100 cameras in my face during a bad breakout breaks me out in a sweat (pun unintended). So, when a glowing Keke announced she'd finally found the secret cure to her acne I was cheering for her, and boy was she glowing.

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The secret though is erm, not what we were expecting.

Prefixing that she was wearing a full face of makeup so it could be hard to see, the actor told fans and followers that while the discolouration remained, the spots were gone. "There's no more of the bumps. There's no more of the raise. So I'm here to let y'all know that I found the secret," gesturing to her skin. "I found the secret to clearing up my acne and guess what it is: you need to get knocked up."

Pregnant Keke zoomed in to show how perfectly the makeup was laying on her skin, saying it had never been that smooth, and it really did look flawless. Who knew a pregnancy glow was this powerful?

While I personally won't be using this method, Keke is all for it and joked we should call her Keke Wyatt from now on, in reference to the singer being a mother of 12. Because, though this is baby number one for Keke P, she plans on being; "pregnant for the rest of my life."

We have no complaints about a dozen mini Keke Palmers.

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