Glossier is having an epic sale right now - here are the best deals

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Photo credit: Instagram/glossier
Photo credit: Instagram/glossier

Cult beauty brand Glossier launched in the UK back in 2017 and ever since then I have been obsessed.

As a beauty editor it's easy to get brand fatigue, but something about Glossier felt different. Whether it was the adorable pink bubble wrapped pouches, the limited edition stickers, or the minimalistic approach to my usual maximalist routine, I couldn't say, but all I know is I quickly became a Glossier 'Hype Beast'.

Yes I have (all 3) of the hoodies, and the water bottle, and the umbrella, and the (2) duffle bags, and the slides and the silk scarfs that I turned into face masks.

Not forgetting the one Glossier pen I somehow acquired from my friend who acquired it from I don't exactly know who.

And yes I have been on 3 pilgrimages to the London, New York and LA stores, but what you're here to learn about is the products.

When I say I've tried every single product that Glossier currently has on sale, I am not lying to you. Cloud Paint, Futuredew, Boy Brow, you name it, it's been on my face.

My obsession means that I feel I am best-placed to give you the ultimate guide to the very best Glossier products.

The ones that I've been through multiples of (*cough* Daily Oil Body Wash), the ones I panic if I can't find them and consider my day ruined (*cough* Boy Brow) and the ones that have become a part of my personality (*cough* You Perfume).

And you’ve come here at just the right time, because the Glossier friends and Family sale has officially kicked off with 20% off sitewide – a rarity at Glossier. Here are the 9 products (in order) that you should be adding to your basket as an urgent priority.


1. You Perfume

Photo credit: Glossier
Photo credit: Glossier

Buy now Glossier You EDP 50ml, £45

Without a doubt my all-time favourite product Glossier has ever released and soon to be your signature perfume.

You is the ultimate skin scent. The combination of pink pepper, iris and ambrox is designed to be "soft, warm and familiar", or as Emily Weiss herself put it, "how the neck of your sweater feels after you've worn it all day".

To me it's the adult equivalent of a comfort blanket and gives me a sense of security when I need it most. Plus, whenever I wear it people always ask what washing powder I use, which is a bonus.

2. Boy Brow

Photo credit: Glossier
Photo credit: Glossier

Buy now Glossier Boy Brow 5 shades available, £14

Just pipped to the top spot by You, although the multiple tubes I have in my makeup bag might make you think otherwise.

Simply put, the best eyebrow gel I have ever used. Why? Its ability to fill in sparse areas at the same time as giving soft, fluffy hold.

If you want natural looking brows - the kind that make you look like you're genetically blessed - but don't want any crispiness, or the extra hassle of an additional pencil, Boy Brow is for you.

3. Stretch Concealer

Photo credit: Glossier
Photo credit: Glossier

Buy now Glossier Stretch Concealer 12 shades available, £15

The clue really is in the name with this concealer as it truly is an absolute dream to blend. It "stretches" seamlessly under the eyes with zero creasing and appears to melt away any unwanted spots and redness.

As someone with a normal to dry skin type, this is one of the most hydrating concealers I've found as it doesn't make my fine dehydration forehead lines appear worse.

However, if you have oily skin, or live in a particularly hot climate, this might not be the best option for you due to its balmy nature which will slide under certain conditions.

4. Body Hero Daily Oil Wash

Photo credit: Glossier
Photo credit: Glossier

Buy now Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash 250ml, £15

I know that shower gel isn't the most exciting of topics, so I'm sure some of you will be surprised to see Glossier's Daily Oil Wash so high up my list.

Well first of all, it's an oil, not a gel (we're talking coconut, sesame, grapeseed and sunflower), so it's super softening and hydrating on the skin. Plus it means you can also skip your body moisturiser step if you're in a rush.

Second of all, it smells divine thanks to the orange blossom neroli blend. Think a slightly fresher, but just as comforting version of You.

5. Lash Slick Mascara

Photo credit: Glossier
Photo credit: Glossier

Buy now Glossier Lash Slick Film Form Mascara, £14

When I say you can confidently go swimming in this mascara, without the fear of returning to shore looking like Alice Cooper, I'm speaking from first-hand experience.

Designed to look like baby lash extensions, once you use Lash Slick it's hard to return to any other mascara. It's essentially a 'my lips but better' for your lashes and every formula in comparison just seems clumpy.

It adds length thanks to teeny tiny fibres which makes up for the lack of volume and is a water-resistant formula so you never have to worry about smudging, or swimming.

6. Ultralip

Photo credit: Glossier
Photo credit: Glossier

Buy now Glossier Ultralip 9 shades available, £14

One of Glossier's newest launches and in my opinion, their best lip product to date.

If your favourite lip balm and your go-to lipstick shade had a baby, together they would create Ultralip. If you can't commit to the upkeep of a gloss, but can't cope with the dryness of a liquid lipstick this is for you.

There are 9 buildable colours in total, each formulated with hyaluronic acid to help give you that pillowy lip effect.

Villa is my current favourite dusty rose shade.

7. Perfecting Skin Tint

Photo credit: Glossier
Photo credit: Glossier

Buy now Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint 12 shades available, £20

Come summer this is pretty much the only form of base I can bear on my skin, it's so lightweight it makes even tinted moisturisers feel like Dream Matte Mousse in comparison.

Bear in mind that Glossier's Skin Tint provides little to nothing in the way of actual coverage. You know when you go on holiday and your face gets some colour, your blotchiness evens out a little but you like the look of your real skin and don't want to cover it up? That's this.

Available in 12 adaptive shades thanks to the sheer formula, each packed with moisturising glycerin.

8. Cloud Paint

Photo credit: Glossier
Photo credit: Glossier

Buy now Glossier Cloud Paint 8 shades available, £15

Finally - thanks to TikTok - everyone has cottoned onto the absolute game-changer that is cream blush, and if you're in the mood to experiment Glossier's Cloud Paints will bring out your inner Bob Ross.

While I don't recommend painting any "happy little trees" on your cheeks, I do recommend having at least 2 of the blushers in your stash to create a colour that's not only unique to you, but also totally adaptable to the seasons.

The consistency of Glossier's cream blushers is slightly thinner which means a little goes a long way and they seamlessly blend into the skin.

I don't have favourites but if I did Dusk (a brownish nude) would be up there.

9. Invisible Shield

Photo credit: Glossier
Photo credit: Glossier

Buy now Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen, £20

There's a reason this makes the cut when every magazine does their edit of the best SPFs and that's because Invisible Shield truly does live up to its name.

Much like Harry Potter's cloak, Invisible Shield is completely undetectable, making it a great option for Black or brown skin tones and anyone in a rush who doesn't want to worry that they've left the house looking like a cricketer.

It's non comedogenic and non greasy, so if you've been put off by SPF in the past, let your second chance go to this.

Now, next time I see you I hope you're wearing your Glossier Hoodie with pride.

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