Gloria Hunniford says elderly viewers love Loose Women for taboo sex talk

Gloria Hunniford says OAPs love Loose Women for sex talk credit:Bang Showbiz
Gloria Hunniford says OAPs love Loose Women for sex talk credit:Bang Showbiz

Gloria Hunniford says elderly viewers love 'Loose Women' for the candid sex talk.

The 81-year-old presenter - who has appeared on the ITV daytime talk show since 2015 - has revealed older fans like to tune to listen to topics which were deemed too taboo during their younger years.

She's quoted by the Daily Star's Hot TV column as saying: “I met this lovely woman in Dublin who was in her 90s and she whispered ‘I love Loose Women because you talk about sex and we were never allowed to.’

"I told her, ‘You’re right, if my mother knew I was talking about sex on live TV, she would turn in her grave.' "

Meanwhile, Gloria - whose TV career has included stints on shows like ‘Rip Off Britain’, ‘This Morning’ and ‘The One Show’ – previously revealed she has no plans to retire.

She previously said: "Retiring is not even at the bottom of the agenda. I do understand women wanting to retire if they have a boring or difficult job, but I love it.

"I have worked since I was seven and I've always had a strong work ethic. I think I inherited it from my parents growing up in Northern Ireland.”

Gloria was a guest panellist in 2003 before later becoming a presenter, and she admitted she learns "’something new every day" she's on set.

She explained: "Every day I see different things and meet a huge variety of people. I feel like I learn something new every day. I am very fortunate.

"I love being on 'Loose Women'. I love all the girls and the differences in our ages and opinions. That's the strength of the programme."

The star - who recently appeared on ITV’s ‘The Masked Singer’ - has also revealed her secret to staying so motivated in the older years was keeping busy and good health.

Gloria added: "What's my secret? I love to keep busy. I enjoy pretty good health, too, and that is everything as you get older.

"Yes, of course, I'd rather be 50. Who wouldn't? But I don't dwell on it and I don't feel or act the age I am. I'm lucky that I've always had lots of natural energy."