Gloria Hunniford was hospitalised with kidney sepsis

Talking on Loose Women, Gloria Hunniford has explained her absence from the ITV panel show saying she had been rushed to A&E with kidney sepsis.

Credit: 'Loose Women' / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

GLORIA HUNNIFORD: I actually had kidney stones. And I bet you a lot of people in the audience, because everybody has a father, or a brother, or sister who's had them. And what happens when a specialist says to you, oh, it's fine. We just put a camera up and we put a laser up and we blast the stones. Blast them to dust and then the dust comes out and that's it. So you think it sounds very simple. Wrong. In my case, anyway. Whether it was all the stuff that they pump into-- I don't know.

So three weeks, I didn't feel myself, in other words. And then they say when we take the stent out-- and this is the last thing the specialist said to me, when we take that stent out, you'll feel fantastic. And I'm thinking, well, thank goodness for that. Next thing I knew was being carted off to A&E because they couldn't get my blood pressure up above 73, which is very low. So they had to take me to A&E. And I was nuts away from critical. I'm making this all to be very dramatic, but it was--

- But it was. Yeah.

GLORIA HUNNIFORD: And then it was like when I then had a kidney sepsis and I had a chest infection. So I've had--