Mums can't get enough of £5 B&Q glitter paint

Mums can't get enough of this glitter paint. [Photo: Getty]
Mums can't get enough of this glitter paint. [Photo: Getty]

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Christmas is synonymous with glitter. It’s the only time we paint glitter on our nails with a complete disregard about how hard it’ll be to get off come New Year.

It’s not just our nails and our clothes that are having a glittery festive glow-up, though. People have been loving B&Q’s £5 glitter-effect paint.

Thousands of people have taken to the Facebook page I Need This In My Life to share their thoughts on the Rust-oleum paint which comes in silver, gold and purple.

Although there were plenty of recommendations, some people weren’t convinced on how effective the glitter paint is.

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The paint would be great for a child's bedroom. [Photo: B&Q]
The paint would be great for a child's bedroom. [Photo: B&Q]

”Can’t imagine the clean up with glitter.” One unenthused Mum wrote.

“Yeah, but are you gonna be cleaning up glitter outa stuff for the rest of your life?” Another added.

There’s also the issue of painting over it. Anybody who has ever painted over a dark paint with white will know the plight of finding slightly darker spots for months to come. Imagine how much worse that would be with glitter.

And, as those of us who receive glittery Christmas cards will attest, it’s not the easiest material to clean off.

The paint has been described as “long-lasting” and “durable” working on a whole range of different surfaces, according to B&Q. There’s also no mention of it rubbing off onto your hands in the same way that those pesky Christmas cards do.

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Despite the reservations, many people were happy with the finish of the product with some people even decorating their entire bedrooms with it.

According to one Facebook user, the paint doesn’t just work in the daylight: “Did the purple on a ceiling for someone and it looked awesome when you put a black light on it at night.”

With the nights drawing in, now might be the perfect time of year to turn children’s bedrooms into their own winter wonderlands.

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But, what’s the secret to getting a thick, glitter-in-the-dark style finish? Layering.

At least, that’s what the crafty people in the Facebook group think. “Painting walls is like painting your finger nails the thicker the paint is the better the colour is even with glitter paint.”

“I think if you do this you need to do multiple coats and I mean MULTIPLE.” Another concurred.

One user offered up one last top tip, which seems to make all the difference: “As long as you have a base colour before you paint the glitter it looks amazing!”

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