The world’s first glitter multivitamin is here to make your number two sparkle

"WeAreFeel Glitter" Multivitamin [Photo: WeAreFeel]
"WeAreFeel Glitter" Multivitamin [Photo: WeAreFeel]

Over the past few years the world’s love of all things sparkly has gone to new levels - from 2017’s controversial glitter bombing of private parts to the 2016 YouTube challenge, which saw beauty fans create a full face of make-up using only glitter.

And people’s dedication to shimmer seems to only be getting stronger, as multivitamin subscription brand, WeAreFeel, have just released the world's first glitter vitamin capsule.

The limited-edition supplement, which costs £11.95 for 30 capsules, is not only packed with 18 key vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Folic Acid. But also, a rather large amount of edible glitter “so that toilet-time can really shine”.

“Being healthy and getting all the nutrients you need shouldn’t be dull and boring, hopefully the prospect of having a glittery toilet will encourage more people to get their daily dose of nutrients!” said Boris Hodakel, founder of WeAreFeel.

The world's first glitter multivitamin [Photo: WeAreFeel]
The world's first glitter multivitamin [Photo: WeAreFeel]

As for if eating glitter is safe?

It is indeed, as the brand explain: “We only use edible glitter made from acacia gum (arabic gum). This is a natural gum that consists of hard sap from different species of the acacia tree”.

If you want to give the new vitamin a go, you’re going to have to act fast as only 50 packs of the product have been manufactured - so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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