Glasgow stabbing attack: Witnesses describe 'people screaming for help' in city centre

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK

Witnesses have described the scene after a male suspect was shot dead by during a major incident in Glasgow.

Police Scotland confirmed six people have been injured in hospital following the attack on Friday afternoon, reportedly at the Park Inn Hotel on West George Street in the city centre.

A male police officer was among those injured, and is in a critical but stable condition.

Multiple reports shortly after the stabbing speculated that three people were feared dead.

Police Scotland have since confirmed the attack is not being treated as terrorism.

Emergency services attend the scene of an incident in Glasgow, Scotland. (PA)

Images on social media showed armed police entering a building and a large number of emergency vehicles, while some reports said witnesses had seen multiple people being helped by paramedics.

One witness told the Daily Record: “We’ve barricaded our offices because we were being safe in case it was terrorism. This is really scary.”

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Another witness, Craig Milroy - who saw the aftermath of the incident from an office building nearby - said he had seen four people taken away in ambulances.

He said: “I saw a man lying on the ground, of African descent, with no shoes on. He was on the ground with someone holding his side – I don’t know if it was a bullet wound, a stab wound, or what it was.”

Photo taken with permission from the Twitter feed of @ThatReilz of police presence in West George Street, Glasgow, as a serious police incident has closed roads in the city centre. (PA)

Milroy said the man was one of four people taken away by medics and believed him to be a victim of an attack.

He added: “After that we saw commotion, ambulances further up and we saw armed police all running into the hotel next to the Society Room.

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“We were still standing outside, after that the police all came down, the riot police and triage team told us to go back in and lock the door.”

A further witness told LBC he saw a man enter the reception area and stab two people.

A man is led away by police officers at the scene in West George Street, Glasgow. (PA)

“I was a resident on the third floor in Park Inn. I’m staying with my mum there. So what happened was I heard ... noises, loud noises you see

“Woman screaming and man screaming for help, but I couldn’t see from my window what’s going on. But I could see people standing there and looking towards the hotel,” he said.

Another witness, Louisa, told Sky News: "I was in a building on West George Street, I was higher up so I could see what was going on. We're inside, we're safe on a high floor, we're staying put for the time being.

Armed police at the scene in West George Street, Glasgow. (PA)

"In the aftermath I saw people who were being treated, there were covered in blood, there was blood all over them.

"There were armed police telling people to come out of the hotel with their hands up... there was a large group of them.

"I saw at least three being treated at the scene before they were taken away in ambulances. There were police cars, ambulances all over the street."

Cameron White, who was in the area at the time, told BBC Scotland: "We were going for a walk and we saw a whole load of police cars and ambulances, a whole load of commotion and we saw a whole load of armed policemen running up to the main entrance to the hotel.

Police officers stand by a screen which has been erected at the scene in West George Street, Glasgow. (PA)
Emergency services at the scene in West George Street, Glasgow, where a man has been shot by an armed officer. (PA)

"We didn't see any shots fired or anyone laying on the ground, but a serious incident happening and a whole load of police running around sealing off the area and telling everyone to get back."

Witness Jamie O'Neil, who owns a phone shop in Glasgow city centre, told the BBC News Channel: "We heard lots of sirens and saw police officers with guns.

"There seemed to be a lot of confusion about what had happened. One man told me he saw a man stab people and then he was shot by the police.

"In the last few weeks the city centre has been getting busier. People were slowly starting to go back to work, so the area was busier than it had been."