Girls on Film – Grazia interviews Tucker designer Gaby Basroa and film director Zoe Cassavetes on their fashion film featuring Liberty Ross


Grazia has a lot of love for New Yorker Gaby Basroa’s Tucker line – with its 70s inspired prints, easy to wear silk blouses and trousers what’s not to like? So we were thrilled to hear the news that she was collaborating with the super cool Zoe Cassavetes (daughter of Gina Rowlands, director of 2007 Broken English and muse to Marc Jacobs) to showcase her S/S 2012 collection. The resulting film is a funny, stylish vignette of Hollywood life with two girls- a bicycle riding ingénue and a movie star, played by Liberty Ross- fighting for a casting call. And like this year’s Oscar winning best picture The Artist, all the action goes on in silent movie style. And in other Tucker news, this week Harvey Nichols will be celebrating the brand’s success with a pop-up shop offering us all the chance to buy into the brand’s bohemian chic.

 Grazia caught up with the fabulous duo to get their take on the project.

1.      Why did you decide to work with Zoe to make this film?

GB: “Aside from being a huge fan of her directorial prowess, Zoe is an adventurer like no other. An extraordinary mix of irreverent intelligence and great heart she is also DAMN funny. What’s more she is a creative reservoir!”

2. Why did you decide to make a silent movie?

ZC: “It was really a thought that came to us when we were considering the story we wanted to tell. We knew which girls we wanted to use in the film so it helped define the them as well. The whole project was like a building conversation between Gaby and I. I would come up with an idea and then Gaby would add to it and then it just kind of found its place. Gaby has a great eye and a really open approach so she can see all sorts of possibilities in the world. The collection is colourful and dreamy and the movie feels like a reflection of that on a summer day in Los Angeles."

3. What does the film say about the Tucker label?

GB: “Look at the women in the film, the ages - their spontaneity, bravado and love of life. And how hot they look! It's the notion that Tucker has a timeless universal and utterly gorgeous appeal.”

4. And finally, what can we look forward to for the next season of Tucker?

GB: “Hot clothes (it is summer!)”

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