Girl takes selfie hours before hand is ripped off

Staff writer

A dancer was posing for a gym selfie to show off her toned biceps - just hours before her hand was ripped off in a freak boating accident.

Kristie Sita was relaxing with friends on a lake in Canada when a rope attached to an inflatable wrapped around her wrist and severed her hand when she suddenly jerked backwards.

The fitness fan, 21, briefly fell unconscious and woke in the water surrounded by blood. When she raised her left arm to motion for help, she was horrified to see that her hand was missing.

Kristie, of Vancouver, Canada, was airlifted to hospital where her wound was sealed by wrapping the remains of her palm around the stump.

The severed hand was later found in the lake, still entangled in the rope, however surgeons decided against reattaching it.

Kristie Sita

Sita told The Sun "I kept thinking it was a nightmare. It couldn't be real. In five seconds my life had changed forever."

"My arm was sewn together by wrapping my palm around the wound. My ligaments and muscles were torn around my shoulder.

"They moved some of my muscles down so that my arm could be fully weight-bearing."

Kristie Sita

Astonishingly, just 10 weeks after her four-hour operation, Sita was training in the gym again, albeit with a "massive bandage" on the end of her arm, and she even "started dancing in my basement".

Today, she shares fitness routines social media and has a combined following of almost 100,000 people.

She added: "Being an amputee has brought so much love and purpose into my life. It's made me notice the people who stuck with me through the hard moments."