Giraffe born on Remembrance Day named after WWI poet Wilfred Owen

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo/Cover Images

Keepers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo have shared adorable behind-the-scenes pics of a towering new arrival - a six-foot-tall baby giraffe born on Remembrance Day.

Named Wilfred after the renowned WWI poet Wilfred Owen, images and footage taken by staff show the not-so-little one sharing some precious private bonding time with mum Luna and dad Bashu, before the youngster meets the rest of the herd.

Deputy team leader Michael Hepher said, "Wilfred is Luna's third calf and she has been a wonderful, attentive mum as always, alongside dad Bashu, who has also been very caring - leaning down to lick and clean the youngster.

"We'll be giving mum, dad and calf some quiet time in their behind-the-scenes barn over the next week, but they'll soon join grandma Ijuma, sister Nuru and the rest of the close-knit, family herd who will show him all the vital giraffe skills he needs to learn.

"In the meantime, we wanted to give our visitors a sneak peek at our latest arrival, by sharing some pics and footage taken just hours after Wilfred's birth."

Giraffes give birth standing up, meaning youngsters are welcomed to the world with a two-metre fall to the ground. Zookeepers kept a close eye on mum Luna throughout her 15-month pregnancy and prepared a deep layer of bedding when they knew labour was imminent.

Wilfred took his first wobbly steps within an hour of being born and immediately began suckling from doting mum Luna.