Giovanna Fletcher explains life levels of fun

Giovanna and Tom Fletcher on board The Disney Wish credit:Bang Showbiz
Giovanna and Tom Fletcher on board The Disney Wish credit:Bang Showbiz

Giovanna Fletcher divides her life into three "types of fun".

The 37-year-old writer-and-podcaster - who has sons Buzz, eight, Buddy, six, and Max, four, with husband Tom Fletcher - views her experiences on a scale that ranges from "living [her] best life", to realising what a "brilliant" time she had after a "challenging" event, to not enjoying herself at all.

She said: “Yeah, so I've got three types of fun. Type one fun, is in-the-moment fun, where it is the best thing ever, you are living your best life. Type two fun is not so much fun in the moment, you know, you might cry, it might be a bit you know, hot, it might be difficult, it might be challenging but on reflection wasn't that brilliant. And then type three fun is no fun.”

Giovanna recently got to experience some adults-only fun with her husband and sister-in-law Carrie Hope Fletcher when they recorded a special episode of the 'Journey To The Magic' podcast on Disney's newest cruise ship, 'The Disney Wish'.

In a visual episode of the podcast, Giovanna said: “This is a very special place. You literally go around going “Oh my god, Buzz would be doing this, Buddy would be doing that. Even the small world nursery, it was just, such a delight. So cute seeing all the cots together.”

But the former 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' winner was left red-faced when she looked back at her photos of her posing with the characters on board the ship.

She admitted: “Well, I had quite an embarrassing moment, because I had photos taken with Pirate Mickey and Pirate Minnie… I looked back at them afterwards my dress is see-through! You could definitely see my silhouette. It’s like you said you don't see you don't see those characters around, you don't you don't get to see pirate Mickey a lot, so when you when you do see him or pirate goofy or pirate Minnie, you want to make the most of that.”

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