Giovanna Fletcher details emotional trek through the French Alps and how Amy Dowden inspired her

Giovanna Fletcher looks excited on Mont Blanc trek
Giovanna Fletcher looks excited on Mont Blanc trek

Emotions were running sky high when Giovanna Fletcher led the CoppaFeel! trek to raise awareness around breast cancer. And in this exclusive interview with hello!, the author and podcaster recalls the most poignant moment of their five-day journey, surrounded by the natural beauty of the French Alps – a moment that brought home to her the reason they were there.

Giovanna Fletcher on emotional CoppaFeel! trek

Giovanna Fletcher chats to trekkers on CoppaFeel! trek
Giovanna offers support to trekkers (Marco Barcella, The Creative)

"When I got into my tent one night, I had a message from a woman who met us while we were trekking in Northumberland earlier this year," says Giovanna, referring to an excursion she completed in June, alongside celebrities including Emma and Matt Willis and Frankie Bridge. "She was seven months pregnant and off the back of all that noise, she checked herself and found something. She went to the doctor and was diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s just given birth to a little one, who's five weeks old, and has had surgery before beginning treatment. This really hammered home why it's so important that we do these treks."

Giovanna Fletcher poses with mountainous backdrop
The mum of three led the trek (Marco Barcella, The Creative)

This time around, the 38-year-old mum of three teamed up with actress Kelsey Parker, reality TV star Pete Wicks, baker Candice Brown and Mother Pukka parenting portal founder Anna Whitehouse. Giovanna continues: "So many women we meet have had a cancer diagnosis, and a lot have been pregnant or in the early years of motherhood. It’s so important that we're spreading the message that they have to advocate for their own health."

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How Amy Dowden inspired her

One person who motivated the star when the going got tough was her friend and Strictly Come Dancing professional Amy Dowden, who is undergoing chemotherapy following her own breast-cancer diagnosis. "Amy has such a beautiful way about her," Giovanna says. "We've always said these treks save lives, and Amy's going through so much – it definitely makes you walk and not moan about your feet."

Amy joined Giovanna last year on a trek that the dancer believes saved her life. "She wasn't even meant to be on that trek," Giovanna tells us. "She moved filming dates so she could be. It was hearing those stories that made her think: 'I need to check.' She gets more than anyone why it’s so important for us to shout about this message."

CoppaFeel! trekkers take off their tops for annual photo
CoppaFeel! trekkers take off their tops for empowering annual photo (Marco Barcella, The Creative)

Photos: Marco Barcella, The Creative 

In September, Giovanna Fletcher completed the 'CoppaTrek! with Gi' in Mont Blanc, France, to raise vital funds and awareness for breast cancer charity, CoppaFeel!. To donate please visit

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