Gino D’Acampo shares a sweet update about the newest member of his family

Photo credit: Marco Secchi - Getty Images
Photo credit: Marco Secchi - Getty Images

Celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo brought tears to our eyes last week when he shared a video of the moment he surprised his daughter Mia with a new dachshund puppy named Snoop.

The eight-year-old was blindfolded on the sofa and Gino told her to take the blindfold off to reveal a “late Christmas present.” Mia burst into happy ears and then told Gino she loved the dog already.

Keen to keep us updated, Gino shared a picture of Snoop this weekend, with the caption, "You guys asked, and we delivered, "@iamsnoopdacampo is now on Instagram! GDx.”

His 1.4 million Instagram followers were thrilled, with 58,000 liking and commenting on the picture, saying things like “Don't know which one is more cute!" and “Such a sweet puppy,” A third added, "Welcome to the dachshund world! You won't be sorry."

Gino, 45, has been married to wife Jessica since 2002, and together they share three children – Luciano, 19, Rocco, 17, and eight-year-old daughter Mia.

Gino has a great relationship with his children and confesses he is the stricter parent. "You can see my wife look at the children, saying with her eyes 'Don't even think about it, he's not going to bend,'" he told Woman magazine.

Gino caused a stir recently when he admitted to This Morning that he thinks children with fussy appetites is down to their parents. The chef said, "My kids are not allowed to be fussy eaters. The problem with fussy children is their stupid parents. I run a family kitchen and in my house, we don't have options. I never had options, why should they?"

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