Ginny & Georgia's Sara Waisglass responds to Max hate in hilarious TikTok

ginny and georgia cast member responds to character hate
Ginny & Georgia's Sara Waisglass responds to hateJesse Grant - Getty Images

When it comes to Netflix's Ginny & Georgia people have very strong opinions on their favourite characters. Everyone loves Joe, they're divided over Ginny and Georgia, and the majority of people online seem to strongly hate Max. And now, Sara Waisglass, who plays Max, has responded to the intense levels of hate towards her character in a hilarious new TikTok.

In case you'd forgotten who Max is, she's Ginny's best friend in season one. However, at the end of the first season she discovers Ginny (Antonia Gentry) has been lying to her by sleeping with Max's twin brother Marcus (Felix Mallard). Max then spends a lot of season two angry and ignoring Ginny, as well as mourning her own breakup from ex-girlfriend Sophie.

And it's safe to say people aren't happy with Max's behaviour, with many tweeting to say she's the most "annoying" character on the Netflix show and they understood why Sophie broke up with her. Ouch.

ginny and georgia sara waisglass responds to character hate

Yesterday (9th January) Sara Waisglass responded to all the hate Max was receiving in the best way possible. In a TikTok she filmed herself dancing to the song "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle whilst tweets about Max were shown in the background.

The tweets said things such as: "I want Maxine from Ginny and Georgia to get hit by a bus LEAVE GINNY AND ABBY ALONEEEE," and "Max from Ginny and Georgia is the most annoying character ever omg girl shut up."

Sara captioned the TikTok: "Its an occupational hazard. Yeehaw!!!!" and despite the level of hate directed towards her character, she seemed to be taking it in her stride.

The TikTok has now been viewed nearly 8 million times and the comment section was full of people saying Max was the most relatable character and one of their favourites.

And it appears Sara seems to understand the level of hate directed towards Max, telling US Weekly she often gets comments on TikTok asking her why Max is mad at Ginny and Marcus.

"I think a lot of my comments — at least on TikTok — are, ‘Why are you so mad at Ginny? Why are you so mad about Ginny and Marcus?’ I get it, Ginny and Marcus are so freaking cute together! I love their dynamic."

sara waisglass responds to max hate

Sara also explained she's very much aware Max can be "a very dramatic little girly" and is dealing with her pain the only way she knows how.

Well, it's nice to see Sara can laugh about the negative comments.

Ginny & Georgia season 2 is available on Netflix now.

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