Ginny and Georgia viewers are in shock over one key plotline

ginny and georgia viewers in shock over plotline
Ginny and Georgia viewers in shock over plotlineNetflix

Contains spoilers

Everyone's favourite chaotic mother and daughter duo show Ginny and Georgia is finally back on Netflix, after nearly two years since the series first came out. The second series is just as good as the first, with plenty of family secrets, high school drama and many men falling in love with Georgia (Brianne Howey). However, this season contains a certain plotline many fans are in shock over.

Yep, I am of course talking about the Joe and Cynthia plotline. To recap, in the first season Joe (Raymond Ablack) is the kind and caring owner of Blue Farm Café, who briefly knew Georgia as a teenager and still appears to be harbouring some feelings for her. Cynthia (Sabrina Grdevich) is a know-it-all mum who is a local estate agent and running for mayor against Paul, however it is revealed her husband is slowly dying.

ginny and georgia viewers in shock over plotline

They hardly appear to interact with each other in the first season but in the second season of Ginny and Georgia the pair get together (yes, I'm still just as confused as you are). In episode four "Happy My Birthday To You" Cynthia and Joe bond over their love of hockey and mutual loneliness. In the following episode they kiss and in episode six, after appearing to end things, the pair sleep together.

Whilst it's nice to see Joe finally appreciated and to get a glimpse at Cynthia's softer side, many fans cannot get over the two getting together.

One person tweeted: "Whoever wrote the Joe & Cynthia storyline this season needs to be investigated thoroughly I’m so serious, pls don’t do this to him."

Another said: "Me seeing Joe and Cynthia…cause WHAT ??? Who decide to do this ?!?!?"

And another said: "Joe and Cynthia being a thing is actually one of the worst things that’s ever personally happened to me."

So yeah, it's safe to say the internet is not impressed with Ginny and Georgia's latest couple.

And it appears the show's creator Sarah Lampert is kinda on the same side as the fans about the odd relationship. Speaking to TVLine Lampert explained she loved that it doesn't work and it was a way to explore the nuance of relationships as people get older.

"I love that it doesn’t work. I love that it’s very clear that this relationship shouldn’t and doesn’t work. They both need each other in that moment, and what it’s showing is that sometimes it’s OK for relationships not to be endgame.

"These were two characters in a dark place, and they found each other and something beautiful happened. They gave each other a support, a friendship, a lifeline. They connected and then it didn’t end dramatically. It ended nicely."

ginny and georgia viewers in shock over plotline

However, it appears we don't have too much to worry about as the pair ended their short relationship in episode eight.

Still, I'm going to need a few days recover from the shock of seeing them together.

Ginny and Georgia season 2 is available on Netflix now.

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