Gina Rodriguez says pregnancy makes her feel like a 'superwoman'

Gina Rodriguez loves being pregnant credit:Bang Showbiz
Gina Rodriguez loves being pregnant credit:Bang Showbiz

Gina Rodriguez says being pregnant makes her feel like a “superwoman”.

The former ‘Jane the Virgin’ star is “very excited and overwhelmed” to be expecting her first child with her husband, Joe LoCicero, 36.

The 38-year-old actress told PEOPLE magazine: "I'm very excited and overwhelmed and feel like a superwoman. I feel like every day is bizarre and different, and I have so much appreciation for every human being that has brought a child onto this planet. Anytime I see somebody with a child, I'm like, 'Congratulations, you're a superhero.'"

Gina is putting her trust in her body and her loved ones “to protect” her during this new and ever-changing time in her life.

She said: "I'm trusting my body and I'm trusting that I have incredible human beings around me to protect me and help me and support me. I have incredible women that have taught me so much — so many mothers that I'm learning from."

The ‘Lost Ollie’ star believes her life’s successes in Hollywood feel “pretty stupendous”.

Gina said: "I feel very lucky, very blessed that my dreams have come true from my childhood. And that feeling is pretty stupendous. There is nothing more stupendous than this feeling."

"This beats out every red carpet. It beats out anything you can do. I love my husband, and I loved our wedding, but it beats out the wedding. It beats at all!"

She also says she has “the best time” chatting with all the little ones in her family due to their naivety.

Gina said: "I have the best time when I'm talking to my nieces and nephews like they are my age, and they just get it. They get so much more than we give them credit for. They understand their emotions because they're just right there, and they haven't been shut down. And they haven't been shamed for them, and they haven't been guilted into feeling like they can't feel. So it's just so apparent. It's just so palpable."