Giles Coren accused of fat-shaming his son in Esquire article

Olivia Petter
Rex Features

Journalist Giles Coren has come under fire after writing that he doesn’t care what profession his son chooses - “as long as he isn’t fat.”

The 48-year-old restaurant critic called his son “fat” in his latest column for Esquire, before comparing him to “a Gavin and Stacey-era James Corden.”

Readers have been quick to criticize the esteemed writer, with some accusing him of fat-shaming his four-year old.

Coren writes that he is “worried as f***” that his son, Sam, will grow up to be overweight.

“Not only because of how it will ruin his life but because of how it will reflect on me,” he says.

While he recognises that obesity is a national health problem, Coren seems more concerned on public perception, explaining that an “actual fat person” is the result of bad parenting and gluttony.

He continues to criticise overweight people for costing the NHS “tens of billions of pounds” each year.

This, he argues, is why he is concerned about his son becoming overweight above all else.

Coren admitted that he was less worried about his daughter because “there are uses for a fat woman,” he says, “whereas a fat man has nothing to offer but his ability to consume.”

Despite Coren and his wife’s best efforts, he explains that Sam’s diet typically consists of unhealthy foods.

Coren insists that he will continue to love his son “no matter what,” and optimistically concludes that having an overweight child might ultimately help him overcome some of his weight-related prejudices.

Vexed readers have taken to Twitter to condemn Coren for his controversial views, with some suggesting that his column negates the prevalence of male eating disorders which affect 1 in 2,000 British men, according to the NHS.

“More boys and men died from eating disorders last year than ever before. This is a bad article,” tweeted author Matt Haig.

“I don’t care what my son becomes, as long as he isn’t Giles Coren,” added Rick Burin, press executive for the Royal Albert Hall.

Some have also taken issue with the fact that Coren refers to his son as looking "a little bit retarded."

However, he has since apologised for this, citing it as "an error" in a tweet in response to Mencap UK.