Gigi Hadid replaces Chrissy Teigen as Never Have I Ever narrator

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New mum Gigi Hadid has replaced Chrissy Teigen as a narrator on the second season of hit Netflix show Never Have I Ever.

The model and new mum will step into her first ever voiceover role for the second season of the Netflix show, Never Have I Ever, replacing Chrissy Teigen.

The social media savant was billed to voice an episode of the series based on the character Paxton, but she stepped down last month amid a controversy surrounding bullying tweets she once sent to celebrity Courtney Stodden when the model was a teenager.

"Chrissy Teigen has decided to step away from a guest voiceover role in one episode of the upcoming second season of Never Have I Ever," a spokesperson for the show said at the time. "The role is expected to be recast."

Netflix bosses kept the new narrator a secret until the show's release on Thursday and now it has been confirmed Gigi is the voice in the second season's third episode, as she discusses Paxton's struggles with heartache.

Hadid opens the episode by addressing the casting choice, “You may be asking yourself, ‘Why is old Gig-ers taking time out of her busy skedge to narrate the story of a 16-year-old boy? Believe it or not, I relate to this kid. We’re both constantly underestimated because people only see us as sex symbols. When scientists declare your face to be perfectly symmetrical, that’s all everyone thinks you have to offer the world."

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