Gigi Hadid just revealed how long her hair got this year and omg

Kate Pasola
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Photo credit: Foc Kan - Getty Images
Photo credit: Foc Kan - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Our gal Gigi Hadid has has a super busy year - mostly due to the birth of daughter Khai (she's even opened up about her all-new makeup routine customised to her lifestyle as a mama).

But there's one thing that Gigi hasn't scaled back following her new steps into motherhood - and that's her mane of hair. In fact, it's even longer than before. Much longer.

Gigi, who often opens up about her beauty BTS (from her fave foundation to her trademark lip plumping hack), posted a video to her Instagram yesterday in collaboration with creative director and multi-media artist Alana O'Herlihy (AKA @lilmami_lani).

The post showed Gigi playing a video game created by O'Herilhy for Vogue, and both IRL and within the pixelated realms of the video game, Gigi's hair was suuuuuper long. Like, butt-length.

The game itself looks so cool - very reminiscent of nostalgic outfit-builder games of the 2000s - and within it, Gigi's character can be seen waking up in bed, stretching, choosing an outfit, grocery shopping and way more besides. And for the whole time, her hair reaches jealousy-inducing Rapunzelesque proportions.

JVN chimed in to comment "You are so stunningggg" - high praise indeed, and we can't help but agree.

Anyone else suddenly feeling an urge to do a hair mask? Just me?

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