Watch the giggly moment when an anchor's water broke

Mike Bagood
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Tuesday night, New York’s NBC 4 news anchor Natalie Pasquarella took breaking news to another level. Her water broke live on air — although you probably couldn’t tell. Like a pro, she finished the segment, and the next night her co-anchors explained how it went down.

“That little giggle, that laugh, was the moment when Natalie’s water broke, live on this set, live on-air,” is how Pasquarella’s co-anchor explained the life-changing moment.

Pasquarella made it through the show before being rushed to the hospital, where she met her husband, Jamin Pastore.

Thirteen hours later Pasquarella and her husband welcomed a healthy baby boy.

Pasquarella, as only a reporter should, continued to break the story by posting a photo to Instagram. The caption of her post: “A beautiful blessing decided to make his entrance early! Thankful for all of the well wishes. Our hearts are full!”

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