Gifts Your Cat Would Ask For If They Could Speak

Every cat knows they deserve to be spoiled at Christmas. They’ve been adorable all year long and now they’re fully entitled to a personalised catnip mouse toy.

They will gratefully receive your undivided attention on Christmas morning, but they will also require a self-heating snuggle rug, a crochet bow-tie and a fancy gift box full of treats.

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If you’d like to reward your feline companion for their continued elegance, here are 13 things they’d put on their wish list if only they could write.

You may expect a rough-tongued lick of thanks, a gentle head nudge and perhaps a look of feline disdain. Miaowy Christmas!

Cat Allsorts Christmas Treats for Cats and Kittens, Amazon, £7.34

While you tuck into the Quality Street, make sure your cat feels included with this box of cat treats. It includes all the classics: catnip drops, catnip biscuits, a mouse toy and a glitter ball. What more could a kitty want?

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Natural Felt Cat Bed, Love Cat Caves, via Not On the High Street, £49.50

Do they make these in human size? Asking for a friend. This special felt cat bed looks like the cosiest spot in all the world; perfect for hiding from your least-favourite family member after lunch.

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Cat Songs: Songs To Sing Your Cat and Other Feline Favourites, Amazon, £5.99

Many human beings sing to their pet cats, but often it’s spontaneous, incoherent and tuneless. So, here is a book of songs about the experience of being a cat that will more suitably meet your cat’s musical expectations. Reviews of this product so far include: “The neighbours hate the noise.”

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Dreamies Christmas Cat Stocking, Amazon, £6.99 (Photo: HuffPost UK)

Dreamies Christmas Cat Stocking, Amazon, £6.99

No cat should have to suffer the indignity of seeing Christmas morning in without a stocking full of treats. Keep your cat happy with this assortment of chicken, cheese, salmon and beef goodies.

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Denny International Snuggle Rug, Amazon, £6.47 (Photo: HuffPost UK)

Denny International Snuggle Rug, Amazon, £6.47

This self-heating rug is just what your cat deserves during this cold, dark wintery weather. It has the capacity to make any cool surface the perfect nap spot. 

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Legendog Christmas Cat Toys, Amazon, £8.99 (Photo: HuffPost UK)

Legendog Christmas Cat Toys, Amazon, £8.99

What’s the one thing better than two Christmas mice, a ball, a spring and some tinsel puffs? Two Christmas mice, a ball, a spring and some tinsel puffs inside a crystal ball with a big silver bow tied on the top, that’s what.

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SIPW Christmas Festive Cat Gift Box Filled with Delicious Chicken and Duck, Amazon, £11.25

If you think your cat wouldn’t appreciate a treat that comes in a festive shape, you’re underestimating your feline pal. These goodies include heart-shaped turkey, star-shaped chicken and – as if that wasn’t festive enough – two bouncy balls.

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Personalised Pet Bowl, Kayleigh’s Keepsake, Not On the High Street, £9.99

If you’ve given your cat a very good cat name, like Ian or perhaps Lord Fluffington, then really it should appear on your cat’s water and food bowls. Choose a font and get the name written in bright gold, elegant black or jazzy pink, depending on your cat’s definitely distinctive personality.

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Catnip Mouse, Laura Long, Not On the High Street, £8

When cats fall asleep on Christmas Eve, it’s been scientifically proven that they dream of mice stuffed with catnip. Imagine their delight when they wake up the next morning to find you have supplied precisely that for their enjoyment.

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Light Pink Crochet Cat Collar Bow Tie, Sniff Me Tender, Not On the High Street, £22.90

Who doesn’t look good in this shade of pink? Every cat is perfect as they are, but why not help them feel festive with this crochet bow-tie cat collar?

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Catit Senses Food Maze, Amazon, £10.49 (Photo: HuffPost UK)

Catit Senses Food Maze, Amazon, £10.49

Cats have got sophisticated intellects, don’t you know. They like a little challenge now and then to keep them alert. Try this stimulating maze, which requires them to play with their food until it reaches the bottom.

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The Innocent Cat Christmas Gift Box For Cats, The Innocent Pet, Not On the High Street, £22

This gift box is really for the discerning feline. It includes a handmade leather catnip mouse and two packets of treats, featuring the flavours of tuna, crab, chicken and duck.

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Personalised Handmade Catnip Toy Stocking, Freak Meowt, via Not On the High Street, £15

Really make your cat feel special with this personalised stocking toy, filled to bursting with their favourite snack: catnip.

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