Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire director offers positive update on Netflix’s animated TV series: “Work is being done as we speak”


Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire director Gil Kenan has a promising update on that previously announced animated Ghostbusters series from Netflix.

"I just watched an entire art presentation for the show. I’ve seen the sets and the environments, and I just saw my first glimpse at a world of supernatural characters as realized by our brilliant creative team," Kenan told ScreenRant. "All I can say is the work is being done as we speak. It’s in what we call full development. Scripts are being written, art is being created, and it’s a great time to be a Ghostbuster."

Netflix announced the series back in 2022, with Kenan and collaborator Jason Reitman set to executive produce. Reitman directed Ghostbusters: Afterlife, having co-written the script with Kenan. The two swapped directorial duties for Frozen Empire. Details for the series have not yet been released.

The first Ghostbusters animated series, titled The Real Ghostbusters, aired from 1986 - 1991. Notable cast members include Dave Coulier as Peter Venkman; Frank Weller as Ray Stantz, Slimer, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man; and Arsenio Hall as Winston Zeddemore. A limited series, Extreme Ghostbusters, aired in 1997 which starred a college-aged group of Ghostbusters led by OG Ghostbuster Egon Spengler (and featured Jason Marsden, voice of Max Goof from A Goofy Movie and Thackery Binx in his cat form from Hocus Pocus, as part of the cast).

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