The GHI’s winning pillow is half price right now

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Photo credit: Rem-Fit
Photo credit: Rem-Fit

We could all do with better sleep this summer (especially with these rising temperatures!) and getting a proper snooze has some serious health benefits, including helping to boost your immune system and improve your mood, so it’s worth investing in premium bedding. A decent pillow can help to ease neck and back pain and enhance your sleep quality, but top brand options can be pricey.

That’s why we were excited to see the GHI winner, the Rem-Fit 500 Cool Gel Pillow, reduced by a massive 50%, bringing the price down to £49.50 from £99.

With an impressive 94/100 score in the GHI’s tests, this memory foam pillow was a clear winner. All our panellists gave it 10/10, agreeing they would both buy it and recommend it to friends and family.

Its memory foam filling moulded effectively to our testers’ heads and necks, making it a great choice for anyone who tends to wake up with niggly aches and pains. The machine-washable soft outer cover washes well, with no noticeable shrinkage, so there’s no need to faff about scrubbing it in the sink.

As a bonus, if you buy two pillows, you’ll nab 10% off the overall price. That means you’ll spend £89.10 instead of £99 – and your sleeping partner can enjoy one of these super comfortable pillows, too.

Although there wasn’t much our testers disliked, a few were disappointed by its cooling qualities. It’s breathable – but no more so than any of the other pillows on our list.

That’s only a small downside, though, so we think it’s well worth taking advantage of this impressive deal. As mentioned, memory foam pillows are usually pricey, with some surpassing £100, so we’re pleased to spot this impressive reduction on a GHI winner.

So, if you’re desperate for a good night’s sleep without the fear of waking up with a sore neck, pick up the Rem-Fit cooling pillow here.

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