GHD's hot hairbrush is back in stock - six month after selling out in days

Jessica Morgan

If there’s one thing we all need in the morning, it’s a product to tame our unruly hair.

Having to put your tresses into sections and straighten each part separately is a faff when you’re rushing to get to the office on time in the morning.

So when the haircare company launched the GHD Glide, its new hair straightening brush, it came as no surprise why it broke the internet.

The limited edition hot brush sold out globally within two weeks and sold out on the site in two hours.

But if you missed out the first time, you’re in luck because it’s now back for good - and it is available from today.

Designed to smoothen out second-day hair, the popular hair straightening brush accumulated a whopping 5,000 waitlist after it sold out earlier this year.

Beauty lovers can style their hair in-between washes without any fuss or having to worry about flyaways with a hair straightening brush that costs £169.

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The ceramic technology with ioniser heats the brush uniformly to 185C, the optimum styling temperature to promote healthy-looking hair.

There’s a mixture of both long and short bristles so as to allow enough tension to shape the hair and movement to style large sections, and they are covered with pearl ceramic coating for the ultimate snag-free glide and glossy finish.

GHD Glide

GHD Glide | £169 | Shop it now

It is primarily used to smoothen and get rid of pesky flyaways, but it can be used to de-frizz or smoothen out bed hair, and even better: it works on all hair types, from straight and wavy to curly and kinky.

So you can say goodbye to untamed flyaways and frizz because with one swipe, you’ll have sleek, smooth and healthy-looking hair in minutes.

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