Germaine Greer blasts Princess Diana: 'Worst f*ck in the country'

Feminist author Germaine Greer has sparked outrage after calling Princess Diana the “worst f*ck in the country” during a brutal TV appearance that aired on RT UK last night.

Germaine was a guest on Sam Delaney’s New Thing when she blasted the Princess as the panel discussed the recent 20th anniversary of her tragic death.

Germaine has outraged viewers. Copyright: [RT UK]
Germaine has outraged viewers. Copyright: [RT UK]

It all started when host Sam asked: “Germaine, if Diana was still alive today, would she just be one of these people eating kangaroo penis on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here?”

The Australian star replied: “I expect not actually, but it’s interesting to think would we still like her if she was 56? And I think we probably wouldn’t, we didn’t even like the Queen when she was 56.

“We don’t like middle-aged women very much. How would Diana have middle-aged?”

Germaine continued to make a jibe about Diana’s love life, adding: “I mean, what would the tally be of the men who had dumped her by that stage? It would be 40 or 50 probably. Worst f**k in the country, by all accounts.”

Germaine made the comments on a panel show. Copyright: [RT UK]
Germaine made the comments on a panel show. Copyright: [RT UK]

When asked by Sam if Diana should be called a “feminist icon”, Germaine laughed and explained: “No.

“She was too dependent on the love of men, I think. And she was prepared to humiliate herself to get it and she blew it every time. I think she just didn’t understand that neediness is not sexy and that’s probably what went wrong.

“I mean, it’s such a catalogue of disasters and your heart does ache for her and to end up with Dodi Al Fayed, or Dodi Fayed as the Egyptians prefer to call him, that was just the wrong end of the upward spiral, you might think.

“I used to give them a lecture about how every princess they could think of was terribly, terribly sad, and that includes especially, Princesses of Wales.

Germaine insisted that Diana would not be a ‘feminist icon’. Copyright: [Rex]
Germaine insisted that Diana would not be a ‘feminist icon’. Copyright: [Rex]

“If you look at the history of Princesses of Wales, it’s a disaster course every inch of the way.”

Yahoo Celeb UK have contacted Germaine’s reps for comment.

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